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The site allows you to download free PDF and favorite new books or read online. The works of many authors on our website are presented in a variety of popular genres. Creation of the Canadian classic William Robertson Davies, a very well-known and respected author today, began in 1939, when he wrote his work "Shakespeare's Boy Actors". In 1947 he published the book "Shakespeare for Young Players", in 1951 published a novel, "Tempest-Tost", became for the author's debut work of a large form. Writing novels after a long break, Davies continued in the '70s, releasing "The Deptford Trilogy", consisting of the "Fifth Business" (1970), "The Manticore" (1972), "The World of Wonders" (1975). In the '80s I saw the light "The Cornish Trilogy: The Rebel Angels" (1981), "What Bred's in Bone" (1985), "The Lyre of Orpheus" (1989). In December 1995, the life of William Robertson Davies broke a heart attack, but his book can be read online at the website or download PDF of any of the works.

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